Lucah’s Forest



If you have the space and would like to do so, please consider planting a tree or other plant in Lucah’s name so that we can watch them grow over the years in all the places where someone loves him. You are welcome to share pictures of your part of Lucah’s Forest whenever you’d like with us at, and we will post them here for you to visit. You can also post them on Facebook with the hashtag #‎LucahsForest‬.




3 thoughts on “Lucah’s Forest

  1. I will be looking for a bleeding heart plant to plant in Bob and Shirley’s back yard. That way the family can also see it bloom every spring in Lucah’s honor.

  2. There is a forest in my yard.
    I just named all the trees in that yard, Lucah….they are your trees now baby…

    It is now Lucah’s Forest.

  3. Jack and Jim-we will most definitely honor Lucah in this beautiful way..

    So much love and warmest sympathies,
    Jenny and Brennan

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