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Lucah Joseph Hofer was born at home on June 22nd, 2015, and shared his brilliant light with the world for four beautiful weeks. He passed away peacefully in his sleep after a day filled with family and love. He was and will continue to be cherished by his parents, Jim Hofer and Jackie Mori, who are enormously grateful for every moment they shared with such a precious soul.


Lucah is also survived by the Hofer Family: Grandmom & Grandpop, Shirley & Robert Hofer; Aunt Heidi Hofer & Uncle Manuel de la Cruz; Aunt Holly & Uncle Mark Zeits; Uncle Bobby Hofer; and cousins Emily, Carmen, Michael, Madelyn, Marky, Carlos, Max, & Mason.


Lucah is also survived by the Mori/Labenz Family: Yaya & Pop, Katherine & Mark Mori; Poppop Joseph Labenz; Uncle Chris Mori & Aunt Sunny Smith; Aunt Stacie Mori & Uncle Anthony Lucidonio III; and cousins Marley & Aria.


Information about his Celebration of Life can be found HERE

27 thoughts on “About Our Lucah

  1. We are deeply saddened by the loss of your son and our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Lucah will always have a place in our hearts and his forest will grow strong in Montana. We will think of him each day as we watch his tree grow. We love you.

  2. Lucah will feel your love forever. How lucky he was to have been surrounded with so much love and happiness.

  3. There are no words to describe how deeply sorry I am for the loss of Lucah, y’all are my family, I love all of y’all, n Lucah will always n forever be in my prayers. Sending love your way!!! XoXoXo

  4. Our hearts are heavy for you and your families on the loss of your son, Lucah. May God bless you and help you through this difficult time in your lives. We’ll keep you in our prayers.

  5. We are so sorry for your loss and our prayers are with you. remember there is comfort and peace in Christ.

  6. Lucah got his wings and became a beautiful little angel.
    Peace is his forever and the light of his Soul will shine brightly like the brightest star in sky, eternally lighting the way for his families love to reach him.
    God must have missed you so much that he brought you back to his Heavenly Home…
    Great GrandMom Kaye and your loving Aunt Lola will be with you, holding you tight and keeping you safe for Mommy and Daddy. Play with the cherubs now and know that you are loved by everyone here on Earth…

  7. I hope God comforts you and I hope you feel better from being really sad. I wish I could have met Lucah.

  8. The pictures are absolutely beautiful! The Lucah forest is such an amazing tribute for such a sweet angel! Thinking of you!!! Xoxoxoxox

  9. We were so saddened to hear of this loss. He is in God’s hands. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families.

  10. Was so sorry to hear about your loss. Precious little angel. My thoughts and prayers are with you. With deepest sympathy, Mrs. Byard

  11. We are heartbroken to learn of the loss of your son, baby Lucah. While no words can ease the pain of his passing, just know you are all on our minds and in our prayers – Lucah’s spirit will live on in our hearts.

  12. We are deeply saddened by the loss of your beautiful baby boy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. May you find comfort in the love of your family and friends to sustain you.
    Kris and Erik Mollenhauer

  13. Dear Jimmy and Jackie:

    We are devastated by your loss and our prayers and thoughts are with you always. With much love. Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty.

  14. We are sooo sorry for your loss. It is so hard to understand these times. Trust in the Lord for the strength to endure, and we will pray for peace and comfort knowing that Lucah is in a much better place. May God Bless You and Your Families.

  15. Who among us has not considered your pain and anguish at your loss of your blessed child? Words cannot express your need to be comforted at this time but know this, Lucah is in the loving arms of his creator.

  16. The pain and sorrow we feel for you and your families is overwhelming…but KNOW this …you are loved and prayed for much! Your little boy is beautiful…he is in the arems of Jesus for sure.

  17. I am so very sorry for you (and for Lucah) and keeping all of you close in thought and prayer. With loving sympathy, Donna

  18. We are so very sorry to hear about your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We pray that God will comfort all of you, at this very sad time.

  19. The love and beauty of your first look at Lucah. The first sound he made. The magic and miracle of his birth. God has given them to you. The chance to hold him, to love him, to whisper to him.
    remember Jacki, you can still whisper to him, because now, he can hear you no matter where you are, no matter what. Lucah is forever in your heart. We will pray for your pain, but rejoice in the blessings… that whisper you will share forever.

  20. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of your precious baby Lucah. We are deeply sorry for your loss and pray you can find comfort knowing Lucah was surrounded by your love during his life. Know he will still feel that love while safe in God’s arms.

  21. We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious child Lucah. May it bring you some peace and comfort that he is now in God’s hands. Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies…our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  22. To the Hofer Family we are sorry to learn the loss of Lucah. Our thought’s and prayers are with your family.

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